Bradley Harms

mikey | 05.11.2017

Site type: WordPress | Responsive | Portfolio | Templated

Technologies: HTML | SASS | JavaScript | Sublime Text 3

Explore site: http://bradleyharms.com/

Dev Team: Lightmaker


Bradley Harms is a Canadian artist who specializes in abstract visuals that address the manner in which paintings are perceived. In 2004, he earned his Masters of Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Chicago and has gone on to exhibit his work in Canada, New York, Singapore, Munich, Sydney, Miami, and San Francisco.


Prior to the build, Harms had his site running on Flash. It was not the simplest thing to navigate and it was stuck at a static height and width. The site was not optimized for mobile and because of the Flash implementation, most phones weren’t able to load the site at all. He wanted something extremely minimal that would allow him to showcase his works and display some relevant info.


I created a new instance of WordPress and coded five templates for him to manage his assets. They include a grid of different artworks, the artwork’s detail page, a biography template which included exhibition listings and downloadable CV file, and contact page containing gallery info. The index of the site is technically the fifth template, simply acting as a clickthrough landing page that showcases a chosen art piece and the Bradley Harms logo.

Challenges / Key features

Whenever a user visits the root of the site, the logo appears in a random color. I had to create a numbered color system using classes, some CSS, and hex codes provided by the client. Five were used as standard colors and another five were used for hover states. From there, generating a random number in PHP and setting it as the class was simple. I had to use a similar system to create the randomized hover colors of the artworks on the grid page.


As one of the first WordPress sites I developed on my own, I felt rather accomplished in knowing that I could create an entire site from scratch and meet a clients rather specific needs. I was able to learn about custom fields and how to tie them into your development for further customization of a WordPress theme.

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